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Our company is in the GOLD BUSINESS in GHANA, WEST AFRICA.  We are US citizens with Ghanaian partners that develop and service many areas of the alluvial mining industry.  Our companies are PBS Mining, Ltd., Ghana Gold Rush, Travel International, Inc. and Ghana Gold Expeditions.  Travel International, Inc. is our travel company based in the US and can help in any travel plans or questions about any of our operations in Ghana. Our goals are to help prospectors in the US and other countries get set-up in the mining business in Ghana.  It is a challenge to do on your own but with out experienced help you will quickly see the opportunities exist for a future business.

We offer a wide range of opportunities in the gold mining business. 

  1. MINING CLAIMS FOR SALE:  We offer gold mining claims for sale from small-scale leases to large scale concessions. All our claims are licensed and available for immediate purchase.
  2. MINING EQUIPMENT WANTED We offer the contractor or individual the opportunity to make a huge profit on their excavator or other heavy equipment.  We can and will, Buy, Sell, Rent, or Lease/Purchase your equipment for a guaranteed profit that will shock you.
  3. JOINT VENTURES:  We are always looking for investors that would like to invest in us.  We have many business opportunities that will produce instant income for as little as $25,000.00.  Our investor options range from part ownership in a mining operation to investing in our overall projects.
  4. START YOU OWN MINING BUSINESS: For those that want to get into the mining business without committing 100% of their time in Ghana, we offer our services to manage your mining site from startup to daily operations.  You will be surprised at the low fees we charge. Our company has the unique situation of having several mining claims that are 25 acres or less.  Small-scale mining ventures do very, very well here in Ghana and it is an opportunity for one to get into the mining business with low capital costs.

Our belief is that GOLD is your protection from the economic woes.  We also believe that gold will reach 1,600 per ounce by years end 2015.